Recently posted financial results for Prague-based ABS Jets show a record year in 2011, with turnover breaking the 1 billion CZK barrier for the first time. The results demonstrate a 2% increase in turnover compared to 2010, and similarly a 23% increase in gross profits – which came in at 44 million CZK.

In addition to posting strong financial results, the company made a number of major investments in 2011.

Key investment in infrastructure included the opening of a new 6000m2 hangar at the company’s Prague headquarters together with a full reconstruction of Hangar C which now serves as a dedicated maintenance facility. Further investment was made in the development of company buildings and office space, whilst brand new offices and facilities were opened at ABS Jets’ Bratislava operation.

Two additional aircraft were added to the fleet, taking the total number of aircraft to 13. The company also renewed its conract as an Authorized Sales Representative for Embraer Business Aircraft, selling a Phenom aircraft to a buyer in the Czech Republic.
The number of staff at ABS Jets increased to nearly 200 and the company took a strong environmental stance by signing an agreement for the installation of revolutionary wind turbines that will supply the company with ‘clean’ energy and result in a reduction of ABS Jets’ carbon footprint.

A major part of the success of ABS Jets last year is down to the marketing campaigns instigated by Commercial Director Antonia Tomkova and the ABS Jets management team. The creation of a strategic campaign, focusing on increasing the brand awareness of ABS Jets and presenting the wide portfolio of ABS Jets services, was instrumental in attracting new business. In addition, the company consolidated their international presence by participating in a number of major international aviation exhibitions.

Another aspect of the high profile campaign was the creation an ABS Jets Roadshow which was dedicated to the promotion and increased awareness of business aviation in the Czech and Slovak Republics. The roadshow enabled ABS Jets to present and demonstrate the unique features of EMBRAER Business Aircraft to potential buyers in the region.

Returning to the financial aspects of ABS Jets’ business plan, there was a successful issue of a portfolio of Eurobonds in the latter part of 2011. This underscored the financial strength of the company and immediately placed ABS Jets into the top level of companies on the Burza Cennych Papiru Praha a.s.(Czech Stock Exchange Prague Ltd).

Vladimir Petak ABS Jets CEO said “Despite 2011 being a challenging year, both in the business aviation sector and the global economy, I am very pleased with what we have achieved. We have focused very much on maintaining ABS Jets profitability, and despite difficult trading conditions, these results demonstrate what a great job everybody at ABS Jets has done.”

Commercial Director Antonia Tomkova added “We have had an incredible year in 2011. It is gratifying to see that results from our strategic business and marketing initiatives have turned into solid financial results and placed the company in such a strong position. These results confirm the position of ABS Jets as a leading player in European Business Aviation.”