Last year was filled with changes and vital decisions for me. In the work field, I changed everything by 180º and am pleased about this. New blood surged through my veins. I had many ideas and business plans. That is why “my” year of 2011 has begun incredibly dynamically and positively. I established my own company and, before the end of last year, my work efforts were honoured by a new job position, representing, apart from great responsibility, also an immense challenge. I became part of one of the largest commercial aviation companies in Europe – the ABS Jets. Professionalism,
the complexity of services provided and, most importantly, the top team of my colleagues daily motivate me to determine and reach increasingly higher goals. As travel and getting to know new corners of the world give me incredible energy, I have realised a number of my travel dreams, which had previously been categorised as “unknown”. I have also discovered and fallen in love with golf and yoga – which are now already a part of my life.